Enguru, the English Learning app.

There is a great demand for who can read, write or speak English properly in any profession. To learn and master the same there are various options. Here we will talk about one such means to speak English fluently. An android application know as Enguru is a live English speaking application. It has the most advanced design and features to enable you learn and practice spoken English. Let us have a detailed look at the features.

Top features.

  • It is a free English learning app and works very smoothly.
  • Enguru offers customised video lessons that help you practice speaking the English language.
  • It offers separate course for IELTS preparation. You can prepare with convinience of being at home.
  • This is a very user friendly application that helps you learn English and only English. There are no ads at all.
  • Suitable for all age groups. Enguru has a fabulous content that helps to learn and speak English.
  • Well designed and efficient.
  • Why to use Enguru?
    There are many applications that can used to learn and master the English language. But only Enguru is the one that is comprehensive. It is a complete package in the real sense for anyone who is looking for an English learning app. Let’s summarise the top reasons to go for Enguru.

  • User friendly
  • Fabulous content
  • Helps to practice spoken English like never before.
  • As this application is very friendly and has a great content, it can be used to learn English very fast.Things to watch out.
  • The application is free and very helpful. You need to try it once to get the real idea about its efficiency.
  • It is ad free and so better than any other English learning apps.
  • Sometimes it takes time to load. Considering the fabulous content it offers, it is not a big issue by any means.
  • You can learn English from the top faculties. And also the video sessions are smooth like never before.
  • Enguru can be considered a marvelous application for learning English for free.
  • How much time it takes to learn English ?
    If you use Enguru then it is possible to improve your English right from day one. Generally, the time taken to get good at English differs from person to person. Individual interests and efforts play a significant role. But Enguru if you try your best can help you learn English in the fastest possible time.

    Honest review.
    After going through all the pros and the cons involved, we can state that Enguru is dependable means to learn English at your own convinience. On a scale of 10, it would get full 10 marks.

    Final words.
    It is important to be sound at English in this modern world. To master the English language it is not very hard as there are various options to look for. English learning apps are doing great and Enguru is a topper in this segment. It is very friendly and helps to learn, write and speak English in the fastest possible time.

    The Impact of App Store Optimization

    With the rise of smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets, applications or apps for short, have been all the rage. With a total of 5 million apps on both, Google Playstore and App Store, the app market is filled with apps fit for every single task, requirement, and need that exists. It’s safe to say that the world is preoccupied with apps and there’s no stopping this trend anytime soon. When we talk about apps, ASO comes to mind as app-based companies and service providers rely completely on ASO for higher visibility. ASO has been relatively new but has taken app discoverability to the next level. The best ASO agency can assist an app with its visibility by optimizing high impact elements like the name of the app, total downloads, and CTR to other factors like instalment rate, web backlinks, and app usage. In other words, we can define ASO as a technique that can increase the visibility of an app which in turn boosts the downloads and rankings of that app. In this article, we shall run through some of the main benefits of ASO.

    Let’s start by stating the obvious, with ASO in the picture an app can achieve high rankings in the app market. This further leads to an increased number of downloads and that elevates the credibility of the app too. Diving in a bit deeper, here is a list of the other benefits ASO brings along:
    Attracting the right users: There is no point in having people who are not going to download your app see it. This is where ASO comes in and helps you to reach out to those who exact the app was meant for. 60% of the top-ranked apps on the app market have keywords included in their title, for example – LinkedIn: Jobs, professional profiles, & networking. Adding the keyword in the title of an app acts as a magnet that draws more users.
    Competitors: it’s easy to beat your competitors once ASO comes to play. By increased rankings, your app will be more preferable to viewers compared to others.
    Increased profits and revenue: with increased downloads, great reviews and higher rankings, good profits are bound to come knocking on your door.
    Effectiveness: an app can be made visible shortly after it is optimized. ASO is a quick and efficient technique with guaranteed results. It increases the exposure of the app and can reach out to many people who can be potential users of the app. Bringing the best ASO agency to help you out with optimizing your app can make you achieve better rankings in no time.

    ASO aims to bring in more organic users, or rather for those who find value in the app. As it aims to attract a more relevant audience and in doing so, the app performs well and consistently. ASO helps wrap a sense of stability around you and your app. With good revenue pouring in and a crowd of happy users, there’s no looking back.

    EarlySalary – One of The Best Platform to Avail Instant Loan

    Having a cash emergency and need money in a quick and easiest way without any document processing? Then personal loan apps are your best ally which helps you in availing an instant loan with no questions asked regardless of how you spend your money. You can get the money in just 24 hours. All you need is just to fill out an application form with all the required information and the money will be credited right into your account once you are verified as a potential borrower.

    But how can it be trusted? Is this all true? Let us see more about Instant loan apps and why are they being so helpful to people in need.

    Simple & Easy Process

    EarlySalary only asks general questions about your job, when/how much you get paid, and requires your bank account information for verification. If all that’s right you can expect a notification within half an hour of applying that you had been approved for your personal loan. If you have a VISA debit card attached to your bank account, you can use this option for the fast delivery of your funds.

    No Hidden Charges or Unnecessary Deductions

    EarlySalary doesn’t charge any outrageous finance fees and they spread your payments out over 8 weeks with each payment due date being the day you receive your paycheck. They also have an option to reschedule your payment dates. If you’re in a tight spot and have few options for borrowing money. Applying Instant loan won’t impact your credit so you really have nothing to lose, and they apparently report on-time payments to the major credit bureaus and allow you to keep an open account.

    Super Fast and Effective

    EarlySalary has been a blessing and has helped so many people. The loan process is fast and simple, also repayment is easy. You schedule the payment days you need. They are really great about sending you reminders or notifications throughout the whole process. The fees they charge on the personal loan aren’t crazy high like most of the others, especially for the services they offer. You can get up to 2 lakhs based on your salary.

    Trustworthy & Faster Repayments

    Early Salary is time-efficient and very reliable. You couldn’t be happier from a company. Best app for anyone who is trying to build their credit, need cash quickly for emergencies, trips, family expenses, etc. You feel safe and secure with the help of this app. It is helpful for all kinds of personal loan such as unpaid hospital bills, unpaid loans and credit checks that gave you a very low credit score. This app is amazing and would recommend to anyone trying to help rebuild their credit.

    Flexible Tenures with EMI Calculation

    You set up the tenures of your Instant loan whenever is more convenient and you even can even see the EMI cost and everything in one place. Get approved within an hour of signing up, if all your documents and provided information checks out legit. The interest rates are low.

    In my opinion, the overall total of the payment is extremely fair than any other loan apps. I love how it divides it into payments. Anybody would be very satisfied with EarlySalary.

    What do you want in UPS inverter battery?

    Sometimes our gadget becomes unresponsive or crashes due to a sudden loss of power. This is a situation many can relate to and understand that we need a better solution for this. I came across the best possible solution a couple of years ago. The UPS inverter battery makes me worry less about my gadget crashing due to lack of power.

    UPS Battery Saver definitely improves battery-life, my battery lasts at least 25% longer now. But honestly, I’d change the name to “Turbo-Booster” or something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing my battery charge % decrease slower. But that Boost is the REAL power of this UPS inverter battery. My iPhone 8, even with a great internet connection, will annoyingly slow down when I’m on Safari or doing whatever for more than 20 min. I also, almost religiously, only ever have 1 app in the background tasks & that’s because I’m actually on the app. Press Boost & not only witness any lagging, freezing, auto-refreshing, etc. vanish in mere seconds, but an actual noticeable increase in speed and performance. Surfing the web is faster than even the default speed & performance that comes if you never had problems in the first place. I consider UPS Battery Saver to be mandatory that you NEED & MUST for all intents and purposes.

    I’m not sure how I found out that this would help, but it’s amazingly helpful. It does so many great things. I had been making a playlist and for some reason, the music app kept crashing because of the power outage and this UPS tubular battery saver saved all my efforts and I kept no going to make my playlist, which took me back to my golden days.

    All people with iPods and iPads and MacBook should get this UPS battery saver because you see how it allows you to enjoy your gadget without worrying about power and also back up all your work. Just give it a try! Honestly, it’s pretty cool and you will not be disappointed.

    Over the past few years, the power outage issues have caused me a lot of hard work to go down the drain as the earlier home UPS battery savers were not backing up my data or protecting it. Even after changing multiple inverters, there was still a problem. With this UPS battery saver, It is simple and quick to use and keeps you worry-free. I wanted my UPS battery saver to save me a lot of time and keep my data safe and I am glad that I got what I asked for. It’s one less thing to worry about in this busy lifestyle.

    Easy, doesn’t take up a lot of space, noticeable performance in your home and office and others that don’t offer features of protection. It’s an option for those generations, have seen a speed increase along with battery life. Use it for a few days before you judge the UPS battery saver.

    Keep up the good work !!!

    Ever Wondered why to Buy Reviews to Increase Organic Downloads for Your App?

    In this current generation of technology, anything is possible and almost every business is converting into an online business, where an app connects two dots of consumers and producers. This practice has spread like a wildfire and building up a lot of competition in the app market. Hundreds of similar apps marching towards app stores, confusing users on choosing the right one. This has created a huge complexity in today’s app market where genuine apps are going unattended and all the other apps are getting sold just because they’re from a famous brand.

    Become your own brand, stand out over other apps using this little trick. Let us start by knowing why is it necessary to buy app reviews android and ratings

    Importance of Reviews and Ratings
    Reviews and rating influence in giving the user a clear-cut vision on how good the app is, most of the users judge an app through reviews and ratings and downloads the app if the stats are good. Therefore, higher ratings yield higher rankings.
    Once the rankings are higher and the app is at the top, standing tall for the whole world to see, the app starts welcoming new users, slowly becoming popular.

    How does it work?
    The whole process is called ASO (App Store Optimization), it works like a charm
    This process increases the visibility of the app in the app store thereby, increasing the chances of delivering what exactly the user is searching for.

    Coverage of keywords
    There are so many advantages when you pay for app reviews, one such advantage is most of them are keyword based. The keywords are the set of words used by a user in the search field of app stores. This keyword is the stair that takes an app to the top. Google and Apple app stores use such algorithm which brings up the apps that match with the keyword and delivers it to users. In this way, the users will know about your app and you might get a new user on every keyword search. Such reviews will, therefore, help your app to get to the top and you can yield more downloads.

    Number of reviews boosts app downloads

    The number of reviews is highly important, this shows that a lot of people have used the app and gives an idea to the new user that this app is good and worth downloading. Because nobody will download an app that is in vain. The more positive the apps get, the more users follow and this increases the number of downloads and thereby increasing the rankings.

    Reviews and ratings impact a lot on getting an app a great success, the quality of the review is to be maintained well and should be aware of fake review providers.
    There are many app review service providers you can find on the internet, one should be cautious and smart enough in choosing the right one to lift the app to the top. All in all, there are many benefits for you to pay for buy ios app reviews to boost and promote your app to get a high rate of success.

    Exploring the Benefits of Buying App Reviews and Ratings

    Think of an app that delivers food at your door-step, how many did you come up with? 3? 4? There are hundreds of food delivery apps out there and thousand more ready to dive into the app market. These apps gradually develop competition among themselves
    and others. A lot of apps gets replaced by another app eventually. There is a way to keep this problem at bay. You can popularize your app in many ways and increase the app’s rankings in app stores. There is one safest and reliable method that has been practiced in-app marketing business. You try many ways to promote your app to increase popularity and downloads. That's where you take a long turn, what if I tell you there’s a shortcut.

    Many users pay a lot of attention to reviews and ratings, they research a lot before they hit that install button. Therefore reviews and ratings play a vital role in app promotion and marketing. You can have your active users buy app reviews android the app but, not everybody takes time in their busy schedule to write a few words about your app. Or you can buy them. Yes, you can buy reviews and ratings for your app. There are many companies that offer you to buy android app ratings and iOS app ratings. This has proven to be a legitimate practice that doesn’t breach google’s policies.

    Key elements of buying reviews and ratings.

    High-grade review quality: There should be relevant reviews to a particular app. It is highly important for a review to be positive and reliable content. This is the first step to get users to know about your app and will play a major role in increasing the chances of downloads.

    Finding an optimal keyword: A user tries to search for an app using a set of words, these set of words play an important role in getting your app up the charts. How? These keywords are researched by a group of experts when you give business to them. They find the common keyword users use and inform you to include the same in your app's description, reviews, and title. Now the keyword is set and your app is waiting to be discovered. I will give an example to show how it works.

    I am a user and so in need an app to order food immediately, I quickly go to app store and start typing “tasty food delivery app” then I get a bunch of apps lined up for me to chose from. I immediately click on the first one or the ones with the high reviews and rating. Using such keyword in your app will put your app at the top, Google and iTunes app stores have a particular search algorithm that looks for the same keywords in the apps and presents such apps to users. If you buy android app ratings and reviews or iOS app ratings and reviews from relevant companies, they add these keywords and takes care of all such activities needed for your app to shine bright like a diamond so that it attracts a user and then one more and so on.. Eventually increasing downloads and profit for your app.

    App Store Optimization To persuade iTunes Users To Your App

    Mobile Applications has been revolutionary in helping businesses to get wider and increased outreach and for consumers to have easier access to products and services. The rapid evolutions of smartphones experiences are influencing more people to access mobile apps for fulfilling many of their day-to-day consumer needs. Enterprises realised to anymore be ignoring the possibilities of mobile apps for influencing their business conversion rates. As in-app features alone cannot be sufficient for monetizing an app to its fullest, it has become pivotal for your business to get implemented some proven tactics that pull in business conversion.

    One of the greatest breakthroughs that the app marketing industry has witnessed is the App Store Optimization (ASO) that involves a handful of strategies capable of bringing your app to full growth. Globally leading agencies providing ASO services prioritizes on consumer behavioural data as the key to impact with successful results from apps. There are many enterprise app owners who are still ignorant about the capabilities of ASO in their app environments. It is not wise for app investors to buy app reviews for their iOS app from a company that doesn’t prefer any strategic approach.

    Futuristic ASO agencies are here to ensure passion-driven enterprise apps with authentic exposure and convertible engagement. They consider predictive technology to be a significant factor that reflects with the ultimate success of the app optimization. In addition, there are many other factors that impact your app to keep further in the competition.

    Predictive Analysis

    Prior to an effective ASO process, your app data will be undergone with in-depth analysis in order to identify the extent to which users interact with your app, and from where they get redirected from. Many innovative ASOs are making use of machine learning techniques to foresee characteristic of future consumers and to improve the accuracy of data. Predictive analysis reports can be utilized towards the goal of targeting and acquiring new customers through relevant ads.

    Focused on Results

    Every authentic ASO process will take at least 6 months to reflect a successful result on your app and thus to business. Reputed agencies are obsessed towards bringing valuable results for each and every strategy being performed. This will also make for allowing improved returns for the budgets spend on ASO.

    Dedicated Team

    Before hiring an ASO agency, every app marketer should check whether the company have dedicated team that they would deliver exactly to your marketing goals and ensures resources, support, expertise and insights throughout the ASO campaign. Mobile marketers who are looking for results that stay long should prefer for agencies who already have successful mobile app as their clients.

    Deep Linking

    Deep linking is considered to be a significant strategy for the on-page promotion of your app. This works by redirecting ads on various digital platforms including your app. The deep linking will redirects users to the app listing on iTunes, resulting for increased mobile conversion, retention and engagement.

    With the emerging demand and competition for ASO services, agencies focus to provide strategies with guaranteed results. Leading companies also let clients track engagement through clicks, app installs, deep link open, user acquisition and channels such as Email, SMS, Social and Web.

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    Off-Page Marketing Strategies To Generate Optimized Value From Your App

    Mobile Apps is emerging to be a stronger digital marketing aspect, that involves a handful of strategies for increasing the chances of your business getting discovered by potential audiences. As like any other mobile marketing strategies, app marketing also involves mobile ads, apps, and mobile websites. The need for mobile app marketing is getting crucial for promoting your app and ensuring engagement and retention of users who have already downloaded the app.

    Mobile users across the world expect various channels to accomplish unique of their consumer needs. With more than 5 million mobile apps being available all together in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, businesses came with the need for having a quality efficient and cost-effective method for generating improved conversions through their mobile apps.

    The core app marketing objectives such as generating leads, driving website traffic, and building brand awareness can be fulfilled by implementing the innovative SEO strategy specific to mobile apps, App Store Optimization Company . ASO has by now become a proven method for improving the visibility of apps on various apps stores.

    Off-page ASO

    Similar to the SEO services, of page marketing is being a significant aspect in ASO, in which several strategies will be implemented away from your mobile app with the aim ranking your page ranking higher on the search engines. Off-page campaigns can help mobile apps to engage a wider and potential audience thus to drive relevant value to your business.

    Social Media Marketing – Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are truly instrumental for companies to conduct paid marketing campaigns for their apps. These social media platforms have exposure to billions of potential audiences who access the digital marketplaces to fulfill the majority of their business needs. LinkedIn, the leading professional platform is considered to be potential in generating leads with about 80 percent of members driving business decisions.

    LinkedIn and Facebook advantage app marketers by allowing to create a company page that establishes your brand awareness and to attract followers to your app. Both these social media platforms are effective for providing sponsored content and text ads for your mobile app. A revolutionary advantage with LinkedIn is that it allows businesses to make use of its sponsored Inmail features that gives personalized and targeted mails to the most relevant audiences who matter to your business.

    Global Outreach

    App Store Optimization makes use of localization features which helps for country-wise targeting on the campaigns resulting them to optimize their app to audiences all over the world. ASO localization will impact in focusing users in countries that with the higher market for your app, thus engaging a broad and sustainable user base.

    ROI Centered Optimization

    Effective ASO campaigns will focus on the relevant audience at an effective cost. Ideal ASO agencies aim to provide app marketers to gain the most optimal conversions and profits. Most of these companies ensure the ASO campaigns to comply with the app store algorithms thus helping them to predict the best cost-per-install model, thus enabling them for fast growth and increased outreach.

    Leighton Meester Twitter Feed Official Fan Feeds

    Leighton Meester Twitter Feed Official Fan Feeds

    Many of you fans of Leighton may be looking for Leighton’s Official Twitter Account and Link. Well we here at Just-Leighton.com we wanted to provide you with that link, along with various Leighton fan feeds at Twitter which may interest you.

    For starters, Leighton’s Official Twitter Feed can be found at: http://Twitter.com/ItsMeLeighton

    As for Leighton’s Fan Feeds… here is a collection:

    New Music Loves is a Drug

    New Music Loves is a Drug

    Leighton Meester is back with a new song “Your Love’s a Drug”, which is rumored to be the 2nd single from her upcoming debut album, also titled Your Love’s a Drug.

    While Leighton Meester doesn’t appear to be nothing in real-life like the wealthy, entitled character she portrays on Gossip Girl, it’s easy to imagine Blair Waldorf’s “money fixes everything” attitude seeping into the making of this album.

    How else to explain major league producers and songwriters such as RedOne, J.R. Rotem, Kara DioGuardi and Polow da Don on the debut album of an artist whose main claim to musical fame is a featured role on a Cobra Starship single? Half-baked fan fiction plotlines aside, early songs like the Robin Thicke-assisted “Somebody To Love” and “Your Love Is A Drug” have an electro-pop vibe that suggest a more common take on the sounds of Lady GaGa and Gwen Stefani.