Enguru, the English Learning app.

There is a great demand for who can read, write or speak English properly in any profession. To learn and master the same there are various options. Here we will talk about one such means to speak English fluently. An android application know as Enguru is a live English speaking application. It has the most […]

The Impact of App Store Optimization

With the rise of smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets, applications or apps for short, have been all the rage. With a total of 5 million apps on both, Google Playstore and App Store, the app market is filled with apps fit for every single task, requirement, and need that exists. It’s safe to say that […]

What do you want in UPS inverter battery?

Sometimes our gadget becomes unresponsive or crashes due to a sudden loss of power. This is a situation many can relate to and understand that we need a better solution for this. I came across the best possible solution a couple of years ago. The UPS inverter battery makes me worry less about my gadget […]

App Store Optimization To persuade iTunes Users To Your App

Mobile Applications has been revolutionary in helping businesses to get wider and increased outreach and for consumers to have easier access to products and services. The rapid evolutions of smartphones experiences are influencing more people to access mobile apps for fulfilling many of their day-to-day consumer needs. Enterprises realised to anymore be ignoring the possibilities […]

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Off-Page Marketing Strategies To Generate Optimized Value From Your App

Mobile Apps is emerging to be a stronger digital marketing aspect, that involves a handful of strategies for increasing the chances of your business getting discovered by potential audiences. As like any other mobile marketing strategies, app marketing also involves mobile ads, apps, and mobile websites. The need for mobile app marketing is getting crucial […]

Leighton Meester Twitter Feed Official Fan Feeds

Leighton Meester Twitter Feed Official Fan Feeds Many of you fans of Leighton may be looking for Leighton’s Official Twitter Account and Link. Well we here at Just-Leighton.com we wanted to provide you with that link, along with various Leighton fan feeds at Twitter which may interest you. For starters, Leighton’s Official Twitter Feed can […]