The Impact of App Store Optimization

With the rise of smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets, applications or apps for short, have been all the rage. With a total of 5 million apps on both, Google Playstore and App Store, the app market is filled with apps fit for every single task, requirement, and need that exists. It’s safe to say that the world is preoccupied with apps and there’s no stopping this trend anytime soon. When we talk about apps, ASO comes to mind as app-based companies and service providers rely completely on ASO for higher visibility. ASO has been relatively new but has taken app discoverability to the next level. The best ASO agency can assist an app with its visibility by optimizing high impact elements like the name of the app, total downloads, and CTR to other factors like instalment rate, web backlinks, and app usage. In other words, we can define ASO as a technique that can increase the visibility of an app which in turn boosts the downloads and rankings of that app. In this article, we shall run through some of the main benefits of ASO.

Let’s start by stating the obvious, with ASO in the picture an app can achieve high rankings in the app market. This further leads to an increased number of downloads and that elevates the credibility of the app too. Diving in a bit deeper, here is a list of the other benefits ASO brings along:
Attracting the right users: There is no point in having people who are not going to download your app see it. This is where ASO comes in and helps you to reach out to those who exact the app was meant for. 60% of the top-ranked apps on the app market have keywords included in their title, for example – LinkedIn: Jobs, professional profiles, & networking. Adding the keyword in the title of an app acts as a magnet that draws more users.
Competitors: it’s easy to beat your competitors once ASO comes to play. By increased rankings, your app will be more preferable to viewers compared to others.
Increased profits and revenue: with increased downloads, great reviews and higher rankings, good profits are bound to come knocking on your door.
Effectiveness: an app can be made visible shortly after it is optimized. ASO is a quick and efficient technique with guaranteed results. It increases the exposure of the app and can reach out to many people who can be potential users of the app. Bringing the best ASO agency to help you out with optimizing your app can make you achieve better rankings in no time.

ASO aims to bring in more organic users, or rather for those who find value in the app. As it aims to attract a more relevant audience and in doing so, the app performs well and consistently. ASO helps wrap a sense of stability around you and your app. With good revenue pouring in and a crowd of happy users, there’s no looking back.