Shower Scene with Leighton Meester in Roomate Ends with a Bloody Bellybutton

Shower Scene with Leighton Meester in Roomate Ends with a Bloody Bellybutton

When you think of Aly & AJ, one of the last names that might come to mind is Alfred Hitchcock. And when you think of Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly, blood and gore isn’t exactly the order of the day. But next September, all these diverse forces will come together for The Roomate, a movie a Single White Female storyline and hopes to terrify a new generation with a classic scene revolving around two key words: bloody bellybutton.

“I think it’s exciting to be able to continue to do our music, but at the same time branch out into our own acting careers,” explained Aly Michalka recently, proud of not only her and AJ’s new band name (78violet), but also movie careers that recently had Aly shoot Roommate with Leighton, Minka and Cam Gigandet. ‘Roommate was super cool to shoot with Leighton and Minka. They were sweet girls, and I had a fun time doing my crazy shower scene.”

Um, shower scene? “Oh, we did an ode to Hitchcock,” Aly noted of the film, which has Minka’s college student paired with the mentally-unhinged Leighton, who seeks to become her only friend by scaring away those around her, including Aly as Tracy. “There’s this crazy shower scene with me and Leighton, and she ends up ripping out my belly-button in the scene.”

Talk about bring Vivian Leigh’s classic Psycho death into the 21st century — but how, you may ask, does someone rip out another person’s belly button?

“I have a belly-button ring in, and she rips it out,” Aly explained. “It’s very intense; we shot it in one whole day.”

Always one to sacrifice for her craft, Aly told us that she was as wrinkly as a raisin by the time the shot was in the can. “I was in the shower for like 12 hours straight,” she laughed. “But it was fun, and it was something that I won’t forget. It’s great to be able to mix it up and do different roles and do different projects that you’re really passionate about.”

Stay tuned for “The Roommate” in September 2010, and you can look forward to holding your own belly in pain. “I love [acting], and being about to do my music at the same time; it’s awesome,” she explained. “AJ and I will always do our music together. But as actresses, we want to be taken seriously separately and when we come together for our music that’s a whole other story.”

Source: MTV